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Meadow Highlands Co-operative

Mobile Home Living

Pitt Meadows, BC

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What is a Co-op?

What is a housing co-operative? What are the members rights? What are the benefits of co-operative membership?

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We are located in picturesque Pitt Meadows. Check out our mobile homes through our photo gallery.

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Welcome to Our Website

Meadow Highlands Co-op is a property of 162 individually owned mobile homes. The property (pads) the homes sit on is owned by all 162 members of the Co-op. The mobile home owners look after the pads theirs homes reside on. When joining the Co-op each member must purchase shares in the Co-op and pay a low monthly Pad Assessment based on the size of their pad.

This entire property including 162 pads, roads, hall, pool, office, RV parking and all infrastructure is owned collectively (cooperatively) by all 162 members.

Each pad is assessed a Pad Assessment that is due monthly. All other utilities delivered to each pad is the responsibility of the individual member. The Pad Assessments cover such activities as general maintenance of the common areas, the hall, pool, play area etc.

To become a member of Meadow Highlands Co-op you must purchase a mobile home occupying one of the 162 pads. There can also be co-members of each pad but only one vote per pad. Once a purchase has been tentatively agreed upon the purchaser must be approved for membership by first meeting with the Board of Directors. This meeting takes place prior to closing on the purchase and is a condition that must be included in all purchase agreements.

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